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The Doctors Surgery of the Past

Medical Centre Coolalinga

Medical Centre Coolalinga

When I was growing up in Australia, the Doctors Surgery was the name we gave to the doctors premises as well as the medical procedures he carried out. The doctors surgery then was usually run and owned by the general practitioner. His rooms commonly consisted of a waiting room, and a nurse who also did reception; and of course there was the doctors consulting room.

And back then our family doctor did everything – he burned off warts, stitched up excisions, and in my case, pierced my ears when I was fifteen, because I asked him to. The fact that he put the hole in a different position in each ear didn’t matter to me and still doesn’t. He made it possible for me to wear stud earrings, just like my friends, and I was elated. I can never forget his kindness because I’m reminded every time I check out my lopsided earrings in the mirror.


Our Coolalinga Doctors Surgery

Our Coolalinga Doctors Surgery provides the same personalized attention as did our doctors surgeries in the past. Our family GP’s are the first point of contact when patients become ill or have an injury. Our doctors will diagnose the problem and either treat the patient or refer them on to a specialist. Our Doctors Surgery in Coolalinga is less about surgical procedures and more about ensuring that the patient receives the necessary medical expertise. Dr Hague and Dr Martins have both worked in Darwin and the surrounding areas for many years – together they own and run our traditionally based Doctors Surgery in Coolalinga NT.

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