GP – Dr Martins Offers Weight Loss Support in Coolalinga NT

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General Practitioner,  Dr Marcellina Martins has recently joined Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre. She has a deep interest in Women’s and Children’s health and is also providing a weight loss service.


What Do General Practitioners Know About Providing a Weight Loss Service?

That’s a reasonable question to ask. Particularly when it wasn’t too long ago that a doctor’s answer to weight loss was to provide a calorie controlled generic diet and a bottle of appetite suppressants. However, times have changed and there are doctors coming to the fore now who are passionate about addressing obesity and are wanting to provide the best support possible.   Dr Marcellina Martins is one of those doctors.
So what kind of support can Dr Martins offer?


Personal Support:
Doctor Martins has a deep interest in helping people regain their health through providing  personalized weight management support. This will include medical health monitoring.


Dr Martins uses a holistic motivational approach which encourages a healthy self-interest in accomplishing small comfortable weight loss goals.


Clarity:Weight loss Service in Coolalinga
Many people, who have had ongoing difficulty managing their weight, have come to believe that achieving their desired weight is a complex riddle that they will never solve. They may have had a tendency to jump from one diet to another and ended up weighing more than they did in the initial instance. It’s a pretty common occurrence.

It’s because of past failures and confusion about weight management, that it becomes increasingly difficult to see the forest for the trees. Most people wanting to lose weight benefit greatly from consistent personal guidance and support – particularly when there’s a long history of weight loss failure. Dr Martin’s support  will help you to put your old fears into perspective.


Diet Progam:
Dr Martins can provide you with  an individualized eating plan with easily prepared meals that the whole family will benefit from – you’ll have access to this both online and offline.


Coolalinga Doctors BulkbillThe Cost:
There is no out of pocket cost to you.   Right now, Dr Martins is just starting her clinic at Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre and so all visits will be bulk billed.



About Dr Martins:
Dr Marcellina Martins is a family GP Besides her special interest in providing a weight loss support to people in Coolalinga and the surrounding districts of Humpty Doo,  Palmerton and Darwin, she has a keen interest in women’s and children’s health. You can read more about her services here….



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