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Here is All You Need To Know About eHealth


This article is being written because while many people have heard of eHealth, and can acknowledge its advantages, many still haven’t registered their details out of fear of what it may entail. The process is so simple that if you read this article to its end, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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The Northern Territory is not a state.  It is  considered by many to be the last frontier in Australia. Darwin, the capital city, could be described as a large country town where cowboys still ride their horses and wrestle cattle; and crocodiles can be found at the bottom of swimming pools.  Between our  hot and humid weather and a cost of living that can exceed Sydney many wilt at the prospect of staying too long in Darwin and soon return to the comfort of the  states in Australia. However, for many of us, Darwin is in our blood, and we couldn’t leave even if logic was to tell us to do so. Where ever I travel in Australia I always feel the place I’m visiting has something missing – and that missing something is the unique intangible energy of Darwin.

However, because of its downside many do come and within a relatively short period of time – they go. This is particularly the case with GPs and other  Health Care Professionals.   Medical specialists who arrive in Darwin to provide Health Care Services  – often leave after a a stint in Darwin and return to the more civilized environments found in the Australian states. It’s common to hear the disappointed question “Why do all the best doctors have to leave?’


I remember seeing a brilliant lady doctor but months later when I tried to make another appointment with her, I was told she had left the clinic. Determined I wasn’t going to give up on a good doctor so easily, I decided to find out if she was still in Darwin.  I  was surprised to discover she had joined and left 3 different medical centres – but I was overjoyed when I finally traced her to where she was practicing and victoriously made an appointment! What a shock it got when she told me that she was leaving for Queensland within the month and it would be better for me to see someone more permanent!

Now that I work in administration for Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre I know that all the best doctors have not left town.  There are good doctors that stay here for the long term. It’s just that they become one of the best kept secrets in Darwin because all their patients stick with them for years – and so they never have any reason to advertise their medical services.

This is the case with Dr. Hauge of Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre, who has been serving the local community for thirty years – and as a GP with his own practice since 1991. He has recently been joined by a lady doctor, Dr Marcellina Martins, who has been with the same medium sized medical centre for the last 7 years and is now wanting to be part of  a traditional family practice. These doctors have made Darwin their home.

However, these doctors are a minority; and since Darwin is a very transient place,  most of us have come to accept that we will see a range of different doctors for our health issues. The concern is that not all the doctors we see belong to the same medical centre. So our medical history can end up being pretty patchy – which isn’t ideal when our medical history is what provides a doctor with the road map for better diagnosing a complaint.

But this doesn’t have to be such a concern. There is a very simple way to make sure every doctor we see has access to all of our medical records. The way to do this  is to register your medical history with the government system called eHealth.


What is eHealth


eHealth is a health care service that keeps a record of all your important and not so important health issues. It mentions any unusual health conditions, severity of any diseases, medical reports, medication, scan results and discharge summaries. Everything that is needed to help a new practitioner get a clear idea about your health history – so that he or she can deliver quick and effective results.


How Do I Register?  

Registering an eHealth record in Darwin (or anywhere else in Australia for that matter) is a simple process. . Anyone over 18 years can do it. You can organize it on-line, call the free number: 1800 723 471, or just turn up at a Medicare office and fill out a form.

What Documents Do I Need To Register My Record?

You just need to provide proof of your identity and age – your driving licence or birth certificate will do. If you are applying for your children then you will have to provide the following three documents:

  • Details of your identity.
  • An authorization letter on behalf of the children.
  • The child’s birth certificate or any other proof that validates your child’s age.
  • The number issued to your child on your Medicare card.

If your applying by phone or on-line you need to send photocopies signed by a Justice of The Peace. It’s not hard an by following these simple steps, anyone in Darwin (in fact Australia wide) can register with eHealth.


Since eHealth was introduced in Australia in July 2012, it has gathered much attention because of the increase in the number of complicated and chronic health issues. Combine this with our unfortunate turn over of general practitioners in Darwin – and registering with eHealth in the N.T. becomes a very simple and  personally responsible action to take.

Make sure that every GP has access to your medical records by registering with eHealth soon.

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