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Coolalinga NaturopathNaturopathic medicine is natural medicine. Naturopaths use natural medicine to help those suffering from health effects usually caused by a poor diet and unbalanced lifestyle.


It’s not uncommon for people to achieve self healing through the power of naturopathic medicine as natural medicine improves the person’s overall health by addressing the body, mind and spirit. Our resident naturopath, Dorte Petersen uses a variety of natural medicines such as vitamin and minerals, herbs and homeopathy to name just a few.


What Conditions And Diseases Can Natural Medicine  Help?


Most conditions can be helped through the use of natural medicine. Dorte says that she has mainly treated clients with conditions like asthma, acne, chronic fatigue, migraines, IBS, bowel diseases, infertility, and menopausal symptoms, and probably more but those listed are the more common ones.


Natural Medicine Can Be Very Potent:


Dorte says there have been incidents over the years where certain natural medicines  have been reported to  cause  drastic health reactions; and  she warns that just because a herbal supplement is natural  doesn’t mean that it isn’t potent.  A potent herbal medicine could possibly cause a toxic reaction in the wrong body type.    Herbal remedies are concentrated and can work just as powerfully as a prescribed drug.  The benefit of getting naturopathic advice is that you will not only receive the correct natural medicine for your condition but you will also get the correct strength – as well as instructions on how often to take it.


However, Dorte  says life threatening reactions to herbs are extremely rare. On the whole, most people benefit from using natural medicines like herbs because  the body can break down a  natural product as if it were a food.   However, refined synthetic medicines are often absorbed too quickly into the blood stream and often have the side effect of unbalancing the body system.   In herbal medicine the main parts of the plants are used such as flowers, leaves, seeds, and roots.  Many people would have tried some of the more common herbs such as lavender, linseed, red clovers, and ginseng. These are common relaxants and tonics that naturopaths  use to strengthen the body – but the natural medicines  used depend on the specific biological requirements of the person seeking help.


How Can A Person Know What Natural Medicine will Suit them Best?
Working with a naturopath means learning about your health and experiencing how certain  prescribed naturopathic medicines work on your symptoms.   Research has shown what every naturopath knows well; that  different people respond to different nutritional support.

Because everyone has their own unique set of symptoms , a naturopath provides an individualized program which takes into account not only the clients  presenting physical issues,  but their mental and emotional reaction to their health issue is important as is certain personality  traits.   Interestingly, natural medicines can address all these aspects of a person.


Should I use Natural Medicine instead of What my Doctor Prescribes?


Dorte advises an absolute ‘no’.  Some natural medicines will interfere with prescribed medication and it is the job of a naturopath to advise you accordingly.   You must always listen to your doctor’s  advice when experiencing health  issues that require medical intervention. However, many naturopathic medicines can help protect your body from the harmful side effects of prescribed drugs.  Again, it is important that your doctor is aware of what you’re taking and can monitor your health accordingly.
If you want to request an appointment with Dorte, you can contact her on her mobile 0410 10 33 88.



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