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Coolalinga Doctors Medical ClinicOur Medical Centre in Coolalinga Is Unique!


We Have Two Family GP’s – A Male and A Female Doctor –
So You Can See The Same Doctor Every Time

One of the main differences between the larger medical centres  and our traditionally run medical centre in Coolalinga  is the doctors themselves. The larger medical centres in Darwin are more impersonal which could be why they are reported to have a large turn around in patients – however, this can be due to the large turn around in the doctors themselves.

The  doctors  in family GP practices are known to stay at the same location for longer periods of time (sometimes all their lives) and  this sense of permanency helps them to develop a relationship of trust with their patients. This is  so in Dr Erik Hauge’s case, who established his family  medical centre in coolalinga in 1991; and which continues to provide a personalized service to all his patients.


It Benefits Patients To Have Doctors Who  Are Around For The Long Term:

Having the opportunity to offer a long term presence in the same clinic,  obviously helps our doctors to better recognize emerging medical conditions and provide timely medical advice.  Also being fully conversant with their patients medical history is important when an illness needs to be monitored.  No matter what the medical condition,  it is very reassuring for the patient to know that their doctor knows them well enough to accurately diagnose their condition.

Both our 2 GP’s prefer their work to be based on the traditional Family Practice model and are around for the long term. 


Dr Erik Hauge: 

Medical Services Coolalinga

Dr. Hauge is the founder and principal doctor of Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre,  and has practiced family medicine  for over 30 years. His doctors surgery has treated patients coming from Darwin, Coolalinga and the surrounding localities of Palmerston, Howard Springs and Humpty Doo. (You can read more about Erik here)

Dr. Hauge is  devoted to his patients; and many who became his patients thirty years ago still attend his family medical centre in Coolalinga.  Patient attendance hasn’t been hindered by the fact that many have moved out of the locality and now live in areas that require up to an hour’s drive to attend his family practice.

Needless to say, with Erik’s extensive local medical experience he is able to diagnose  patients’ symptoms  efficiently  and the appropriate medical advice is always forthcoming. If he can’t help you, he will know of a specialist that can, and you will be referred to the appropriate specialist without any hesitation. Dr. Hauge holds to the values of  the traditional  family doctor,  so  you will never be limited to talking about one complaint as happens in the larger medical centres. 

Dr Marcellina Martins: 

Like Dr. Hauge, Dr. Martins also takes a traditional approach to patient care, and believes patients need to fully disclose their health concerns in order for her to give the most appropriate medical advice.  Dr Martins does not want her patients to feel that one appointment is equal to one medical complaint.  Unfortunately, this practice is becoming more common in the larger medical centres in Darwin.

Best Medical Clinic in CoolalingaDr Marcellina Martins, being a mother herself, with two adult children attending university, and a teenager still at high school,   has a deep understanding of the physical and emotional  needs of women and children in Darwin today.  For this reason she has a keen interest in women and children’s health.

Another of Dr Martins special interests is in the area of obesity.   She provides a comprehensive weight loss service to those who are struggling with their weight and  are in need of personal support. She is offering this service at the Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre on Tuesday afternoons (by appointment only). 

In the past GPs  handed out diet pills to their patients,  along with a calorie controlled diet plan and a stern warning on shortened life expectancy.  However,  today with obesity on the rise and the associated health risks, there is a strong demand for doctors to become more proactive and offer more realistic guidance.   Dr Martins and  other like minded doctors  are making it their business to understand the many variables involved in weight issues so that they can play a more life- changing roll by offering meaningful personal support every step of the way.  To do it all alone is to invite failure.   You can read more about Dr Martins program on this website under Weight Loss Services or select here.

Coolalinga Doctors Medical CentreWe Also Provide The Services Of Our Resident Naturopath
Dorte Petersen:

You won’t very often find a qualified alternative practitioner, such as a naturopath,  in a medical centre.  However, because our clinic offers a unique and personalized service, we want to cater to those who prefer the natural route.   Dorte Petersen,  gained her naturopathic degree in Germany before coming to Australia and settling in the Northern Territory. She has been working from the Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre   for over ten years. Dorte  is available by appointment on 0410 10 33 88.  To read more about Dorte’s services, please go here.

Coolalinga Doctors Medical CentreOur Receptionists – Sylvia and Jenny:

Our receptionists, Sylvia and Jenny, keep the medical centre functioning at its optimum. These two caring ladies bring with them a wealth of experience from their previous years of full time employment in areas of administration and welfare. They enjoy doing their best to make your every contact with the Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre,  a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Coolalinga Doctors and Health Centre is a unique medical centre that provides traditional family care.   Visit our doctors surgery in Coolalinga today.

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